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When you click on Post a Job tab, a pop up will open

Here, you will have to decide two things regarding the job you are about to post.j-types-3

First you will have to choose the “Job Type”. There are three types of jobs. The first is the regular “Job” type. This one is paid. You don’t need a degree from a university to apply for this job.

The second type of job is the “Graduate jobs and Internships”. These are paid jobs and require applicants to a degree from a university in the required field.

The third type of job is ‘”Volunteer”. This one is not a paid job. It is more suited for candidates who are just looking to gain experience such as summer interns.¬†j-editions-2

After you have chosen your job type, you will be required to choose your job edition. There are two types of job edition. One is standard the other one is premium. The standard edition is free while the premium comes at a price.

After selecting both your job type and job edition, hit on the enter button to load up the post a job form.

You can change your job type and job edition any time you like  from the top of the form.