Revolutionizing the Employee Recruiting in Pakistan

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Revolutionizing the Employee Recruiting in Pakistan


chAttracting high-performing applicants is a critical challenge for companies all over the world. Given the expertise, time, and money this process involves, failure to find right individuals can seriously threaten the organizational success. careerz360 addresses this fundamental organizational challenge by providing an online platform where companies can create their own career portals, build their professional networks, and use a range of quantitative and visual tools to find the right talent. By administering job tests and scheduling interviews, careerz360 goes one step further by working closely with clients to maximize their recruitment and selection experience. On the other side, Careerz360 provides applicants to showcase their knowledge, skills, and abilities in a professional manner and helps them realize their career dreams.

Pakistan has currently large number of youngsters who do not realize their full potential because there are many few career advises available and despite their efforts in socialization using existing networking platforms they are unable to achieve desired goals. On the other end, many organizations and businesses struggle to fill in available positions with the right candidate which at some point effect their efficiency. There is no doubt Pakistan needs some local web platform like careerz360 which could help youngsters and aspiring professionals to collaborate with each other in order to achieve their career goals. There is no doubt careerz360 would change the dimensions of job market from both employers and employee side which in sum will revolutionize the business of employee recruiting in Pakistan.


Dr. Ameer A. Basit

Organizational Scientist

PhD Human Resource Management