Careerz360 has installed a resourceful feature on its job portal

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The digital screening of the job applications is now available at the job portal of Careerz360. Employers, after signing up on the portal, can track the response to their job postings.

The relevance to a particular job posting is calculated on a scale of 0-100, according to an in-built suitability factor. This suitability factor determines the relevance of a candidate’s application to the posted job based on the following sub-factors:

  • Qualification of the candidate.
  • Location of the applicant.
  • Job area a competitor falls in.
  • Skills of the candidate that match with the ones that are required for a job.


An option to sort the applications according to their suitability is available. The best-suited candidate for a certain job posting will be the one whose application has more than 80% suitability.

Furthermore, some other factors are also installed in the system to determine the suitability of an application which include:

  • Average job duration based on a candidate’s prior work experience.
  • Average company size derived from the previous jobs a candidate has taken up.
  • The relevancy of an applicant’s experience to the available job.

By the help of this response tracking system, Careerz360 has made is feasible for the employers to filter the relevant talent out of an immense pool of candidates.