Careerz360 has been selected for the accelerator program of NIC Lahore (LUMS)

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Careerz360 has been selected for the accelerator program of NIC Lahore (LUMS)

Recently Careerz360 has achieved another milestone by getting selected for the accelerator program of NIC Lahore (LUMS). NIC (National Incubation Center) Lahore is an acceleration and Incubation platform offering accelerator programs to startups. NIC Lahore (LUMS) is contributing to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Pakistan by bringing together promising and endeavoring startups like Careerz360 and investors for maximizing the growth potential of Pakistani entrepreneurs.

Careerz360 is indebted and humbled that it has been nominated for the accelerator program and appreciate the exertions of NIC Lahore (LUMS) that it has invested for building up career-related opportunities for the youth of Pakistan. The Director of NIC Lahore (LUMS) Faisal Sherjan is the mind behind and driving force of this acceleration program. He has helped many startups in achieving their business goals with his expertise, determinations and experiences.

NIC’s accelerator program is going to expedite Careerz360’s endeavors as a job portal and professional networking portal enormously. First of all, it will act as a catalyst and enhance the growth rate and acceleration of the company. Secondly, this program will provide the company with the opportunity to build credible and potential industry contacts for embarking on future endeavors in a resourceful manner. Thirdly, this program will make the ventures of the company more product-focused for confirming commitment to and growth of the most impactful and essential aspects of its services. Fourthly, enhanced professional and industry exposure is a compelling perk of this accelerator program. Careerz360’s team will get a chance to observe the professional and strategic activities of the other companies and learn from the profitable entrepreneur tactics they are employing.

Careerz360 is now all set to embark on its journey to success after getting selected for the accelerator program as this program will empower it to further its professional and business undertakings and enable it to contribute to the entrepreneurship ecosystem of Pakistan