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mr-tariq-hameedIt’s indeed a great honour for me to be part of this event as a chief guest and witnessing the history
of Pakistan IT in making.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

In today’s globalized world developing countries like ours have been presented with great opportunities but it also possess great challenges as we would have not only to compete with other developing economies who are trying to find their place in global supply chain but they also need to compete with developed economies as globalization provides level plane field for all the competing  economies.
Given the situation, Ladies and Gentlemen I would argue that the key to success in this competition
lies in Knowledge & Technology as it’s not only the demand of the current situation but it also has
been key element for success for any civilization from beginning of time as many of our prophets
believed in this and prayed for it. In Surah Taha, Prophet Moses prayed to Allah (ST),

“My Lord, expand for me my breast [with assurance] And ease for me my task And unt ie the knot
from my tongue That they may understand my speech.”

In the same Surah Allah (ST) instructed Prophet Mohammad (Peace be upon him) to pray for

“My Lord, increase me in my knowledge.”

Information Technology is one of the fields Ladies and Gentlemen where our country might find an
edge over others to win the competition. Therefore, we should encourage entrepreneurship with
full force and we should support those individuals and companies who are making efforts to develop
new tools & technologies to transforms the way we do business. Knowledge & Technology not only
help us to progress in the field of business but also bring prosperity, raise living standards and enable
us to earn valuable foreign exchange. I am very pleased to see how kbs has played its part in the past
and now embarking on a new journey. I appreciate them!

Our neighboring country India is far ahead of us and its current IT export stands around $100 billion
and generates 2.5 million direct employment whereas Pakistan IT export stands around only $2.0 to
$2.5 billion If India can do it why can’t we?

Careerz360, not only a job search portal but also a platform where its members should be able to share ideas, take steps to move forward in their careers and a platform where Pakistanis would be able to connect with each other in Pakistani way! Careerz360 is Pakistan’s own professional networking portal.

Careerz360 is also first platform of its kind in Pakistan where social & welfare organisations and people with the spirit to do good and contribute to the society should be able to collaborate; I admire kbs efforts in this regard and its promise to keep Volunteer Job Posting Free Forever! Well done!

Kbs is embarking on a new journey, I know this would not be easy and there will be times when their resolve and determination would be tested. My advice to them would be is to work hard and stay persistent as success comes to those who are passionate about what they are doing, who work hard and who learn from their failures.

Once again, I would like to congratulate kbs and its team on their product launch and getting this far and let’s support kbs and their team on this new journey. I wish them all the best!. Thank you!