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Dear Members,

Careerz360 is celebrating “ Zalima Connection BarahLey ” this year and you are invited to participate in the event .It is a socializing competition reflecting your socializing skills.

All you have to do is to add connections as much as possible and get your posts with hashtag #ZalimaCareerz360, you would reward points for number shared, liked and discussed by your network.

You will stand a chance to win the Cash prizes every month/

The first round of competition will be conducted from 28th of August, 2017 to the 28th of September, 2017. The winner will be chosen by careerz360 administration on the basis of above mention criteria.

To enter in the competition:

  • Go to our online web portal
  • Register yourself as an individual and fill out your profile and make sure its score is not below than 85%.
  • Add connections

1.    Add connections as much as possible through email. Below video is for your assistance


2.    Add connections via sending connection request through people you may know feature. Blow video can assist you


3.    You can send a connection request from your wall as through section of people you may know. Below video can help you

  • Share Posts on your wall with the hashtag #ZalimaCareerz360
  • Moreover, get those as much liked and comments by others.
  • Socialize as much as possible between the time span of 28th August 2017 to 28th September 2017

For registration click here

The Winners of the “ Zalima Connection Barah Lay ” will be awarded the prize money either at the head office of careerz360 in Lahore or their door step across the nation!

Careerz360 is committed to support and accelerate the development of individuals by helping

Them to get their next dream job and for employers to find the best match for their job positions.