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Privacy Policy is a web portal which allows our members to find excellent options for their career and organizations .We believe that our services allow our members to effectively compete and achieve their full career potential. considers its users/members valuable and important that is why their Privacy is significant for us. Our privacy policy consists on how we collect information, what information we collect and how we use information with consent of our users for their own benefits? What are obligations and rights for members? Following are the attributes of our privacy policy

Information Collected by


When you create an account with us, we collect information (such as your name, email address, password and others). You may provide additional information during the registration for example (your postal code, job title, and company) to help you build your profile and to provide you more customized services (for example: language-specific profile pages, updates, content and career opportunities). You understand that, by creating an account, we and others will be able to identify you by your Careerz360 profile.


Profile Information

We collect information when you fill out a profile. A complete Careerz360 profile that includes professional details – like your job title, education, and skills – helps you get found by other people for opportunities. You can store your resume in our database and any employer can search your profile in our database. It means if you apply to a job posting on Careerz360 the employer to whom you send your resume will be able to view your contact information and other details. Moreover Employers or Organizations would be able to search your profile in our database and contact you if they find you suitable for any existing or new job opening by using our “search” feature.



We use cookies and similar technologies to collect information. A cookie is a text file that is placed on your hard drive by a Web server. Cookies are not used to run programs or deliver viruses to your computer. Cookies are uniquely assigned to your computer, and can only be read by a Web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you. Basic purpose of cookies is to save your time to tell the web server that you have returned to a specific page because of our use of cookies, we can deliver faster and more accurate results .You can control cookies through your browser settings and other tools you can block the cookies if you wish to.


Log Files, IP Addresses, and Information about Your Device

When our visitors or members view our site by clicking a hyperlink or when you view a third-party site we automatically receive the URL of the site from which you came or the one to which you are directed. Also, advertisers receive the URL of the page that you are on when you click an ad on or through our Services. We also receive the internet protocol (“IP”) address of your computer or the proxy server that you use to access the web, your computer operating system details, your type of web browser, your mobile device, your mobile operating system, and the name of your ISP or your mobile carrier. We may also receive your location from third-party services or GPS-enabled devices that you have set up, which we use to show your local information on your mobile applications to prevent any fraudulent activity and security purposes. Most mobile devices allow you to prevent real time location data being sent to us, and of course we will respect your decision.

Address Book

We collect information when you sync like your email address book with Hotmail, Gmail, mobile device contacts and others with your account. You can remove your address book and any other synced information whenever you like. You may use our address book or “contacts” importer or other features to upload your address book into our Services. We store this information including phone numbers and use it to help you manage your contacts in connection with our Services. We also use this information to enhance your experience with careerz360 Services by helping you to grow and increase your network.


Sharing Information with careerz360 Family/Organizations

Any information you put on your profile and any content you post on careerz360 profile may be seen by others. Other people may find your careerz360 profile information through search engines, or use services like Twitter/Facebook in conjunction with your careerz360 account. We share your information across our different services, among companies in the careerz360 family and to different organizations to brighten your chances to find a suitable and proper job according to your desire and expertise which can stimulate your career and enhance your experience

Your Rights and Obligations

By providing personal information to us when you create or update your account and profile, you agree that information you provide on your profile can be seen by others and used by us as described in this Privacy Policy and our terms and conditions. You can withdraw or modify your consent at any time, in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy, by changing your account settings or your profile settings on careerz360.

Picture Policy

We encourage you to upload your formal photograph that depicts you as a professional. However uploading pictures on careerz360 is optional. It serves as an opportunity for you to create a professional impression and to increase your chances of being interviewed. Your professional picture uploaded on careerz360 is meant to identify you to your friends, employers, recruiters, headhunters, human resource specialists and others.
Please do not upload pictures contain pets, animals, nudity, portions of the body e.g. hands, eyes etc., sketches, scenery, objects, violence, offensive language or image, paintings ,artwork, celebrities, cartoon characters or copyrighted images. careerz360 is a professional website and is not liable to confirm the authenticity of every above-mentioned image. Kindly upload your images for professional purposes only.

User Communications

With certain communications you send on our Services, the recipient can see your name, email address, and some network information. Once you have connected with an individual, regardless of who sent the invitation, your contact information will be shared with that individual. You can change your information at any time by editing your profile, deleting content that you have posted, or you can delete or block any user you want to.

Right to access, modify, delete or edit your information and deactivating your account

Users have right to access, modify, amend, change or delete any of your personal information, any post, any comment, you can change /remove any content and your password whenever you want .You can delete/deactivate your account any time. In addition to that, you may not be able to access, correct, or eliminate any information about you that other Members copied or exported from your account, because this information will not be in your control.



Minimum Age

Minimum age of user should be 13 .Less than 13 years old person will not be liable to use or create profile on careerz360 career portal. We do not recommend children to use


We take appropriate steps to secure your personally identifiable information against unauthorized access or disclosure. We have implemented security safeguards designed to protect the personal information that you provide in accordance with industry standards. However, we cannot guarantee you to protect information from hackers, human error or that unauthorized third parties will never be able to use your personal information for improper purposes. It is your responsibility to protect the security of your login information. Access to your data on our Services is password-protected. Please help keep your account safe by using a strong password.

Privacy Policy Modifications

careerz360 is a flourishing and innovative career portal .Time to time as we shall be adding more features to facilitate you, we notify you regarding any amendment or modification occurs from our side. If we tend to change any policy we shall place a prominent notice on our website, we have a right to change/modify any policy and we can update our privacy policy.