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Manage search history

  1. If you are a registered user, then you can manage your search history.
  2. You can see your previous search history from icon present on top, right next to the job search bar.
  3. When you press the icon you will see the saved searched with their names on the list.
  4. To search again from history, you need to click on search term from the list and it will take you to the search results pages.
  5. By clicking on more See All button from search history list, you will see all the previous search history results.
  6. If you want to delete search history, you have option to delete any search history or saved search from the list mentioned at the bottom below the saved job searches heading.
  7.  You can create alerts for specific search.
  8. Below saved job searches you will have a bar where you will add the job title.
  9. The bar below the job title bar gives you the number of times you would like to be notified; once, daily, weekly or monthly.