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Register your Business on careerz360

Register as Business on careerz360 enables you to have access to functions that are only available to employer, such as posting a job, view & manage job posting response, share corporate experience & building brand equity and others.

Please note that you can post jobs without having any credits but your job

  1. First click Register button from top menu header section
  2. Two tabs will appear in front of you. one is labelled as Individual and the other one as Business
  3. Select Business tab and enter your personal details and press the next button
  4. This would load up Business details step where you could enter your business details. Once you have entered business details press the next button to proceed to the next step
  5. Enter your Business address and accept terms & conditions and privacy policy after reading these document and click on Submit button to finish off the registration.
  6. Once the registration is successfully completed, you would receive an email on the address provided in step one of the registration with a verification code and you would be redirected to the page where you could enter the code and finish of the registration process.